Intelligence and versatility in service to clients throughout Maine. Deeply connected to our Central Maine community.

Willis A. Trafton, Jr., and L. Damon Scales, Jr., opened a general law practice in 1950 with the idea of having a law firm that made the best and highest use of the extensive legal talents of the founding attorneys; to best serve the needs of their clients by staying closely connected to the people of the community where they worked and lived.

That original partnership and then each successive generation of partners — even most recently Richard Trafton & Kelly Matzen — have shaped the practice with a set of values, ethics and principles made to withstand the passage of time. In January,  2015, Trafton & Matzen added two partners that share these same values which have stood as the hallmark of that original partnership.

Through sixty-five years practicing law in this community, only the name has changed.

TRAFTON, MATZEN, BELLEAU & FRENETTE, LLP., serving the entire state of Maine, representing individuals, corporations and businesses of every size in matters of law.