TRAFTON, MATZEN, BELLEAU & FRENETTE, LLP is a full-service Maine law firm with offices in Auburn. With a focus on individualized client attention, the Partners of Trafton, Matzen, Belleau & Frenette represent and advise clients by drawing on extensive and versatile areas of legal practice including: Business, Banking, Entity and Municipal Law; Civil and Commercial Litigation; Estate Planning & Administration; Land Use and Construction Law; Administrative Law & Professional Licensing; Real Estate Law; Professional Malpractice and Commercial Transactions. 

Business & Corporate Law –  Strategic representation that is relationship based management on the day-to-day handling of the many general areas of law for companies, often serving as an “outside general counsel” for the business.

Municipal Law – Privately retained counsel for governmental entities and businesses and individuals acting on behalf of or dealing with such an entity or agency (from municipalities and counties to utilities). Contract related with subjects ranging from real estate to bonds to corporate work to other types of matters.

Civil Litigation – Representing individuals, governmental entities, and businesses in legal disputes related to the firm’s practice areas, including injured individuals and businesses.

Estate Planning & Administration – The efficient and seamless transfer of wealth between generations and within families, this is a complex, statutory filled practice. The law evolves very quickly and there is a wide variety of authority, including case law, revenue rulings and statutes.

Real Estate – In the transactional real estate practice, there are three fundamental tasks: help clients acquire property, help them lease it, and help them dispose of it. In the litigation real estate practice, the focus is on ensuring that the firm’s client retains the biggest piece of the pie of the property it owns or possesses.

Land Use – This practice focuses primarily on helping real estate development companies use or develop their property. It’s common for this practice to have a transactional aspect as a follow-on to the permitting process.

Banking & Finance Law –Assisting lenders, businesses and individuals with the lending and borrowing of money.

Administrative – Working at the intersection of government and business representing companies, land owners, professionals, and individuals before federal and Maine state government agencies. This branch of law involves aiding clients who are the subject of enforcement actions, and licensing and disciplinary matters of corporate and regulatory compliance.

Construction Law – This branch of law deals with matters relating to building construction, architecture, engineering and related fields. It brings together fields of contract law, commercial law, planning law, employment law and tort and covers a wide range of legal issues and businesses from all areas of the construction process.

Professional Malpractice — In tort law, this constitutes “instances of negligence or incompetence on the part of a professional”.

Licensing & Transaction — A branch of Intellectual Property law based mostly on negotiating relationships and drafting agreeable contracts and negotiating terms between two business entities. This project-based branch of law is heavily focused more and more on matters of technology but can also include traditional “cease and desist” work.

Fire Losses – representing homeowners, landlords, commercial tenants, businesses, restaurants, bars, condominium associations and unit owners in getting the benefits they deserve from the insurance company. Click Here for More Information  General Practice Area Information and Descriptions courtesy of Wikipedia and the American Bar Association / Law Firm Practice Area Summary