Fire Loss Lawyers

good attorney for fire insurance claimFire losses are often devastating events destroying buildings, personal belongings, keepsakes, and life-long works and businesses. Despite consistently and faithfully paying insurance premiums, many fire victims have their claims delayed and denied by their insurance company.

Maine law requires insurance companies to promptly, fairly and equitably settle claims after their liability becomes reasonably clear, but insurance companies often look for reasons to delay or deny a claim, including imposing seemingly overwhelming requirements for recovery and alleging misrepresentation or fraud by the insured at times. Wrongfully delaying or denying insurance benefits makes the fire loss more devastating than it already is.

The insurance company’s claims adjusters and lawyers represent the insurance company, not the victim. Fire loss victims should obtain their own independent representatives and experts.

For more than a decade, we have and continue to represent homeowners, landlords, commercial tenants, businesses, restaurants, bars, condominium associations and unit owners in obtaining the benefits they deserve under their insurance policies.

Our initial consultation to discuss and review your case is free. In this meeting, we will review your policy and particular circumstances.

We work closely with public adjusters; know how to successfully make and document your claim; and, know how to represent you in examinations under oath, settlement negotiations, litigation, and trial.

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